Important Considerations In Bulk Powder Handling

powder flow testerBulk powder handling or bulk density is nothing but the ration of the mass to the volume of the material. This material can be any random powder sample which is untapped. It is given in grams or milliliter. The density and arrangement of the particles determine how the bulk powder will be handled. The consideration points which are necessary here are that how the powder will be prepared, treated and stored? The methods which help in considering this are as follows:

Angle of Repose: The angle of repose is formed by the cone like structure and then it is measured. The angle is required to be around 25 to 30 degrees, which shows the perfect powder flow. Dynamic angle of repose is angle which is capable of changing frequently and adjusting it to the powder testers. Poor powder flow is determined when the degree go over and above 66 degrees.

Powder compressibility:  Powder compressibility is measured from the Compressibility or the Hausner ratio. This shows the ability of settling and permitting assessment of inter-particulate interactions, which are of relative importance. In bulk density the particles are closer in value and in free flow these are less significant.

Powder Rheometer:  the properties of rheometer are basically governed through the flowable parameter, Shear property and bulk properties.  Many other factors like de-blending, de-aeration and moisture effect are all can be understood with the help of rheometer. The properties of the powder and the experience with the powder will enable much more clear understanding of the bulk powder testing.

Powder Cohesion: Powder cohesion is a sort of test which is done by putting the powder in the graduated cylinder. The powder involves a downward movement of 20 mm and upward movement is taken to be around 75mm. Cohesivity index value is then calculated by putting the force in numerator and distance in denominator.

As the inflation is on the go upwards the companies wants to learn bulk handling of things in order to minimize the involvement of the employees much. In such a cost effective situation, effective methods will be needed to ensure that the output is maximum in minimum input employed. Bulk powder handling concept calls for efficiency, reducing labor content and eliminating manual handling much. The above points highlight the important considerations to be made before selecting a powder tester machine. The factors discussed above are the important considerations which will help an industry related person to understand what is best for the company and where the resources available to the company should be employed. Before making a choice there are certain considerations listed above which should be understood to handle the Bulk Powder or bulk density.


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